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About PTC Webworks

PTC Webworks is a division of PT Consulting Partners, Inc. Cross Roads, Texas. PTC Webworks grew out of management consulting activities conducted by the principal partners, Darell Herbst and Donald Bodwell. Both men saw new possibilities for using the web to open new markets, create customer awareness of needs, screen and redirect un-solicited email offers, and to build and publish expert systems capable of monitoring management behavior and predicting organizational results. Donald and Darell are recognized innovators in the field of marketing professional services over the Internet.

Darell Herbst is PTCW's Chief Technical Officer. Darell holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Colorado and an MS in industrial administration from the University of Michigan, with specialization in Operations Research and Computer Science. Over a 30 year career with EDS, Darell has held a number of technical management postions including Systems Engineering Manager, Simulations Manager, and Expert Systems Designer. He has the rare ability to work equally well with people as well as systems. Today Darell has a reputation for developing leading edge Internet Based Systems that are user friendly and highly productive.

Donald Bodwell (Buck), holds a BS in Business Management from Virginia Commonwealth University, and a Masters in Data Processing from George Washington University. Over a 27 year career with EDS, Mr. Bodwell developed a strong reputation for innovation and the design of leading edge computer systems. Over the past several years Mr. Bodwell has designed and implemented "The Corporate Health Check" (an Internet based system for identifying weaknesses in management performance) and K-Seek (an Internet based system that captures essential management activities and performance). Today, Buck is PTCW's Chief Web Designer, specializing in designing websites that sell, communicate, and inspire.

Today, PTC Webworks, brings this business savvy, marketing knowledge, and Internet innovation to bear on each website it builds and maintains. We handle any or all of the following: website design, construction, uploading, host supervision, search engine registration, and site maintenance for our customers.

Why not contact us today and get going on bringing that website you’ve been dreaming about to life?

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